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Some facts

Statistics show that in England in 2014/15 the “average caesarean” section rate was 26.5% and up to 34.7% in one London hospital ( The average rate of artificially inducing a labour was 26.8% and instrumental birth was 13.1% (includes ventouse and forceps) therefore many women needing some kind of intervention….Hypnobirthing aims to reduce these figures.

Lorne Campbell (Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, USA) had a caesarean section rate of 25%, reduced down to 3% using Hypnobirthing. ( )

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a caesarean section rate of no more than 10-15%. (So well done Lorne!) I cannot help but wonder why so many women do not give birth the way that they would hope to….has society lost the art of birthing babies? Years ago women gave birth, mainly at home, when intervention rates were much lower. Today, people have continuous negative messages and images of childbirth, especially on TV, as a traumatic, painful experience, to be feared…so “fight or flight” then begins.

Fear is destructive and causes muscles to tense and blood vessels constrict, which reduces oxygen to the uterus and the baby having negative effects on the labour, birth and baby’s health. When this happens labour tends to be painful and long. On the other hand Hypnobirthing does the opposite. The key is deep relaxation with Hypnobirthing. When your muscles are relaxed your body will work instinctively with your hormones to birth your baby calmly and gently as nature intended.  When you are deeply relaxed, this in turn will produce your own body’s pain killers called endorphins, which can be times more powerful than morphine! If your birthing takes an unexpected turn, Hypnobirthing prepares you to be infomed, empowered and calm, whatever is going on around you.

Hypnobirthing teaches that there can be another way to what most people know, have seen, read or have experienced.