My Hypnobirthing Classes involve approximately 12 hours tuition in total, over 4 session x 3 hour or over 2 full days. In the cost I include a Hypnobirthing Book, a Hypnobirthing CD or MP3 download, my Hypnobirthing course handouts (to aid your practice at home) and my on going support once the course finishes, which seems to be much appreciated 💜

Choose a group course and meet other parents-to-be or a take a One to One course arranged at dates and times to suit you. Classes are informal and friendly. Birth partner usually attend (at no extra cost), although women may attend alone. All courses are held in Kendal. Should I visit you in your own home for 1:1 courses, there will be additional costs. See costs on menu bar.

It is not unusual for birth partners to be slightly skeptical initially but once they start the course they really enjoy it as they let go of their preconceived ideas of what they think Hypnobirthing is about, and are usually some of the greatest advocates for Hypnobirthing! I will dispel the myths and discuss how Hypnobirthing is based in science, anatomy & physiology, psychology,  logic and common sense!

Hypnobirthing is a FULL Antenatal Education and Relaxation Programme, which aims to prepare you and your birth partner for labour and birth, however and wherever you give birth. You wont need to do any other birth preparation classes if you choose Hypnobirthing !

Hypnobirthing is suitable from 20 weeks gestation onwards (but possible before then.) I will give you information and encourage you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labour and birth. I will share with you over 35 years experience that I have gathered around giving birth and how to work assertively with your healthcare providers.  I will work with you to help you to release any fears or anxieties relating to the birth and how to prepare to be relaxed, calm and confident during your labour and birth. I will teach you how to use skills and techniques that will enhance your experience.

Here are some lovely clients – “Hypnobirthing dad” photos…..because dads matter too 💜