Why choose Hypnobirthing?

IMG_0046Hypnobirthingimage5My Hypnobirthing Course is a FULL antenatal education/labour and birth preparation programme for you and your birth partner (although some women attend alone). You will learn how to relax, have fun and learn a lot too! You can choose a small group Hypnobirthing Course or a One to One Course. Many midwives are amazed at how calm and focused Hypnobirthing mothers and their birth partners are during established labour! (often doubting that they are in labour). Contact me in confidence to find out more.

I have personally done it during my own births, in hospital and at home. I have witnessed many calm and gentle births using Hypnobirthing or self hypnosis as a doula and practicing midwife. Don’t just take my word for it…see what others think about Hypnobirthing…





To read some positive birth stories and testimonies to my Hypnobirthing Courses, see here : testimonials to Hypnobirthing.

For Costs please see here: https://www.hypnobirthingcumbria.co.uk/hypnobirthing-classes/   

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During the Hypnobirthing classes you will learn

  • Anatomy & physiology of birthing during labour and birth
  • The role of hypnosis and how this helps labour and birth
  • The role of fear in the birthing environment and how to eliminate it
  • Relaxation, massage and visualisation techniques.
  • How to be confident and assertive with your care givers
  • How to design your birth preferences sheet (birth “plan”)
  • How to keep calm and in control of the situation
  • Birth partners will be aware and comfortable with their role
  • Plus much, much more!

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • May shorten the labour
  • Reduces need for surgical births
  • Can use the techniques following birth in parenting, to remain calm
  • Increased rate of calm births
  • Reduced risk of needing episiotomy
  • Reduced need for any medication
  • Increased rate of “turning” breech babies to head down position at 37-40 weeks gestation (81% )
  • Benefits to baby – calm baby, higher Apgar scores, may feed better, may experience less trauma
  • Benefits to birth partner, may feel happier with their role, able to empower you and remain calm themselves